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What is HexaPo?

HexaPo is a DIY customizable robotic kit based on Arduino. It is designed for geeks and beginners who want to learn about robotics and electronic kits. It gives you the chance to go far away with your creativity and imagination to create whatever you want!

How does hexapo work?

HexaPo works and moves using ESP32 compatible board.

What's inside the box?

HexaPo Kit: 18 metal gear servos, ESP32 board, Lipo battery, battery charger and body parts with needed screws.

How many i/o is available in controlling board?

We are using customized Arduino board that contains:

  1. 28 GPIO
  2. 24 servo channel

IMG 2784 Hexapo
IMG 2786 Hexapo

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Who should own this robot?

It was designed for hobbyists, beginners and geeks to give them the chance to build something creative. (If you feel excited when you see a robot but don’t know how it works…this is for you).


How long it takes to be assembled?

It takes 15-30 minutes depending on your experience with electronic components.


How long the Bluetooth connection range is?

The robot uses Bluetooth HC-06 module which can reach up to 9 meters (30 feet)


What if i don't have 3d printer?

You can buy the kit and it comes with plastic moulded parts and the rest of electronic components.


What can i do with hexapo?

You can customize and hack your own robot and build whatever you imagine with it by adding different sensors and camera module. Can learn how robot works and learn about coding and electronic stuff.


Are you hiring?

We are currently looking for enthusiasts and students in the IT field to further develop Po at the same time gain experience expanding their portfolio. if you are interested in joining Hexapo please do not feel hesitant to contact us 🙂 through our form on the page.


How can I control this robot?

HexaPo comes with open source PC software program with a simple interface. Control the robot by building Bluetooth connection with the software program.


How can I print my own parts and build the robot?

All the designs will be open source in STL file form after launching the campaign. You will need to collect the electronic components yourself.


How long does the battery last?

The capacity of the battery is 1000mAh lasts for 15 min of using.


Smile and enjoy HexaPo. take a long read throughout the docs

and see the potential of implementation that can done with Po, young or old Po does not care all of us are in the same boat. Keep learning and evolving.

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