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A lot of us wished to build a robot when we were young, but we didn’t know where to start or to learn. This is how I started 6 years ago by asking how I can build a smart robot that can move and interact, so I decided to combine all my knowledge and skills in a robotic kit that puts students and kids on their first step of being makers.

One year ago I started my startup, Astorlab. In Astorlab we are focusing on enhancing and expanding students and adult’s knowledge of coding by having an interactive device/kit while learning through our simple exercises and tasks. Our aim is to get as many people as we can into the world of technology and coding as this will be an essential skill to have in the near future.

Therefore, we introduce HexaPo an educational DIY robotic STEM kit that provides you the essential skills you will need to be able to put your ideas into the physical form. HexaPo idea was born in November 2018. The first prototype of it was actually a part of the “Electronics – 101” module in my second year at the university. I found that my colleagues loved the spider and they wished to learn about the hardware development to build similar projects, so the idea was born.

The product passed by 3 stages of development during the past 3 years. We used different types of motors and PCB designs to create sustainable movement and a catchy design.

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