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Open your QB Desktop and click on the File tab. · In the following drop-down, select Print Forms and then click on Pay Stubs. · Now select the bank account you. Go to the File menu and select Print Forms. · Click on Pay Stubs. · Choose your payroll bank account and enter a date range that includes the pay. Open your QuickBooks Online dashboard. · Click ‘Reports’ in the navigation menu. · In the search bar, look for the option for ‘Payroll Cheque List’ (or something.


– How to Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Online the Easy Way

How to Print Pay Stubs Using QuickBooks Online · Activate QuickBooks Payroll. · Select “plain paper stubs” or the 1- or 2-stub check stock option. Select the pay stubs you want to print. On your QuickBooks, click the File menu hover over Print Forms. · Select Pay Stubs. · Choose your payroll bank account. · In the column next to the.


How to Print Pay Stubs in quickbooks Desktop and Online.


Otherwise, choose your check stock type either one stub or two stubs and then save. After you have activated and run your first payroll through QuickBooks Payroll, you will be able to print pay stubs for your employees. You will find the option to print pay stubs in QuickBooks Online in the same place you activated payroll, in the Employees section within the Workers tab. Now, your screen will look a bit different, though:. Your Employees screen now shows a list of your employees.

You can search for an employee in the search box a , or you can sort your list by Active Employees, Inactive Employees or All Employees b. Clicking on this link will show you a list of your most recent payroll checks:. The default setting for this screen is to show all paychecks for the last payroll run. You can change this setting to show previous paychecks by clicking on the filter drop-down box highlighted above. Select the paychecks you want to print pay stubs for. As soon as you select paychecks, the filter drop-down box will be replaced by a Print button.

Otherwise, an unscrupulous individual could use the pay stub document to create a duplicate paycheck. You also have the option of electronically delivering QuickBooks pay stubs to your employees. Your employees might have to complete an opt-in form in order to receive their pay stub electronically currently, Hawaii is the only state requiring an opt-in for electronic pay stubs. Your employees can log in and view their pay stubs immediately after you run payroll.

We do recommend password protecting the PDF if you choose to email pay stubs to your employees, though. The additional step of emailing each PDF individually adds extra time to this process.

For this reason, we recommend letting QuickBooks Workforce handle the electronic delivery of pay stubs in most cases. Read more about how QuickBooks Online works. How to create a stellar QuickBooks Online budget. How to import bank transactions into QuickBooks Online. How to process credit card payments in QuickBooks Online. Important Note: Pay stubs for employees who receive a direct deposit, as opposed to a physical paycheck, should be printed on plain paper. This setting adds the words “pay stub detail,” which will prevent opportunistic employees from cashing their paycheck twice.

To print pay stubs, click on Home and enter “paycheck list” in the search bar or click on the Workers tab and then Employees. Then, click on Paycheck List. Select the relevant date range using the drop-down box to find the pay date you’re looking for. Paychecks for the last payroll run will display automatically. Check the box next to the employees for whom you want to print pay stubs.

You can also select the checkbox next to Pay Date to print all of the pay stubs from that date at once. Once you have selected one or more employees, the filter box will be replaced by a Print button. When you click on this button, a PDF appears.

Click Print to print the pay stubs. For QuickBooks Desktop, the process is a little bit different. To print pay stubs in QuickBooks Desktop:. Choose the relevant payroll bank account and add the date range.

In the United States, there is no federal law that requires employers to provide pay stubs to their employees. However, employers are required by the Fair Labor Standards Act to keep records of employee payroll information, including the hours each employee worked and the wages that were paid. You can then print or email pay stubs to employees on request. Depending on where you do business, state laws may require that you give employees pay stubs either digitally or in print.

To learn how to order paper from Intuit see the Intuit Market. Select Align check and follow the steps provided on your display. Set up your printer and choose what type of check paper and add-ons you want on your paychecks. If you run into an error while printing paychecks or pay stubs, check out Troubleshoot printing paychecks, pay stubs, and forms to learn more.

You can also email pay stubs from QuickBooks Desktop. Need to make changes or updates to your accounts or subscriptions? Visit the Account Management Page. QuickBooksHelp Intuit. Note : Not sure which payroll service you have? Here’s how to find your payroll service. Pay stubs on plain paper Paycheck on QuickBooks-compatible check paper: Select the type of QuickBooks voucher you have paycheck and 1 pay stub or paycheck and 2 pay stubs.

Select Save. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Set up paychecks: Set up your printer and choose what type of check paper and add-ons you want on your paychecks. Go to File then select Printer Setup. Select the Settings tab. Select your Printer Name and Printer Type. Select the additional options to print your company name and address, logo or image. Select OK.

Set up pay stubs: Go to File then select Printer Setup.

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