Reasons Why Kids Should Know Robotics

Robotics is a topic that allows children to be introduced to complex subjects such as programming and engineering in a fun and interactive manner.

There are numerous advantages to exposing your child to this topic in today’s increasingly technological environment. But, why should children be interested in robotics?

We decided to compile a list of what we believe to be the most important reasons.

1. Robotics can be a fun way to get started with programming.

When it comes to younger children, it can be difficult to pique their interest in programming. They may be piqued by the prospect of creating a website, especially as they begin to spend more time online. However, this may not be appealing to younger children.

This is where robotics can be distinguished. It takes the static process of programming code and transforms it into an immediate, observable, and palpable result.

They can get their robot to move, raise its arms, or even dance with a few lines of code and a little patience. The only limit to what they can create will be their imagination and willingness to learn.

With this basic understanding of programming, they can attempt to programme more complex functions. The advantages of teaching programming in this manner

With this basic understanding of programming, they can attempt to programme more complex functions. The benefits of teaching programming in this manner include the fact that the results are frequently more entertaining for children.

Rather than writing a line of code that produces a dull but useful function, as with Excel coding, your child will see the fruits of their labour move right in front of their eyes. It has a more tangible, entertaining, and rewarding feel to it.

You will have the opportunity to teach your child the fundamentals of a programming language throughout this process. They can gradually add to this knowledge base, and with time, you may discover that they are willing to branch out into more complex coding.


2. Robotics is a great skill to have for future career advancement.

Programming and other IT-related skills have become an essential part of today’s workforce. As more businesses migrate to IT-based systems, and services become more complex and customised to meet the unique needs of a wide range of industries, the demand for these skills is only growing.

By introducing your child to programming through robotics, you will be providing them with an excellent opportunity to learn a skill that could lead to a very lucrative career.

Even if your child never pursues a career in robotics, they will have learned principles that can be applied to many STEM fields.

It could introduce them to areas like drone design, website design, mobile app development, and video game programming, among others.


3. Problem-solving skills are taught through robotics.

To be successful in robotics, you must have patience, the courage to work through mistakes, and problem-solving skills. By teaching your child robotics, you are providing them with the ideal environment in which to learn all of these things.

If your child is frustrated, throwing the robot will only undo all of their hard work. It forces them to solve complex logic problems and improves critical puzzle-solving skills.

Furthermore, it provides them with the ideal environment in which to learn how to deal with making mistakes. Many children aren’t given the time or space they need to learn how to work through mistakes in our increasingly fast-paced society.

However, in the right environment, robotics can be an ideal antidote to this problem.

Although your child can certainly follow instructions to learn the basics, they will need to become comfortable with thinking outside the box when it comes to trying something new. They will need to learn how to fail if they want to get their robot to try a new action that wasn’t specified in the instructions.

Each error could potentially provide them with vital information they require to solve the problem. If they have the fortitude to persevere, they will eventually experience the immense satisfaction of creating something new and unique to their own vision.


4. Curiosity and creativity are fostered by robotics.

Robotics can be an excellent activity for stimulating creativity and a curious mind, in addition to developing important problem-solving skills.

Robotics, like HEXAPO, LEGO and Meccano, provides your child with a toolbox and challenges them to create something new.

There are numerous paths to explore and discover with a basic understanding of robotics. It will provide them with the ideal environment in which to flex their creative muscles, especially if they are already inclined to build things or have a keen interest in how things work.



Robotics successfully combines engineering and programming with creativity and problem-solving, and the end result is an interactive little toy that your child can play with.

The fruits of their labour will be right in their hands, and they will be able to continue to tweak and fiddle with the programming in order to achieve new results.

In our ever-changing technological landscape, introducing children to these topics in a fun and engaging manner is becoming increasingly important. IT is becoming increasingly important in many industries, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

By introducing children to robotics, programming, information technology, and critical problem-solving skills, you are providing them with a foundational skill set that will be useful to them in the future.

For example, with Po, your child will follow step-by-step instructions and videos to assemble the robot, as well as learning material that will walk them through operating the robot in a fun interactive manner.

It not only gives them a head start in interests that could lead to a very lucrative career, but it also helps to get them used to dealing constructively with electronics and technology.

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