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– Navicat Premium | Connects to multiple databases on a single GUI


The help file is also well organized and easy to follow. The tables are partial very big more than 50 Million records. With my favourite tool Navicat I create the queries fast and effective and with nightly schedules I get the query results on early morning. Also, your support worked quick and professional and now everything is alright. Able to export and import easily. Very easy to use. Lightening fast. Scheduling, back-ups, Queries are all very easy to use.

This does a lot more than what I expected. Didn’t really need the documentation. Navicat was so well designed and user-friendly that I just started using it. Updating without a UI from search table results. The database conversion from older formats to MySQL is seamless. Transferring data from one server to other is very convenient. Of particular importance to this choosing this solution was the strong CSV upload and export tools.

It also proved really useful to be able to store queries and share them between users. The query builder was a big plus too. Even after weeks of having a standard process of managing the database we utilize Navicat’s import mechanism to handle unique data updates coming from our customer. Without this ability we would be weeks behind schedule. Navicat is relative ease of use, and flexibility. Also, the interface for dealing with the database is straightforward, easy to use, and powerful.

The XML conversion was particularly impressive. It is going to save us tons of time and time is money! Navicat is easy to use because the menus and tools bars are very clearly label and designed. We have never had a problem with the software crashing or corrupting data. What might take hours with the command line, Navicat can accomplish in seconds.

It is quite easy to use and has very powerful features as, for instance, the query builder. The features we use most are the backup and queries, also in relation with the scheduler.

A nice-to-have feature would be a mailer function where, for instance, a result of a query could be sent to a specific user. It is by far the best product of its kind on the market. And the price is much lower than I would have expected for such a robust feature rich product. With Navicat importing and exporting data from and to those formats is very easy and requires virtually no additional training.

Moving to new technology is often intimidating to people but once I demonstrated Navicat to our staff they were pleasantly surprised. Navicat truly makes it easier to administer mySQL than any other product I have tried. Navicat ‘s strengths are obviously its ease of setup and use. I’ve dealt with software since my junior year in high school and know a good product when I see one. I purchased two copies so that we can use it with other Mysql databases that we want to deploy.

The purchase was simple, and the product is now up and running. Since we need to develop additional databases, I am sure it will help us make that management much easier. Add members to project for sharing connection settings, queries and models. View Project Activity Log. Support Foreign Table. Enhanced Object Designers. Support Views. Enhanced Table Designer. Enhanced Connection Coloring. Search database object structure. Enhanced Stored Procedure editor. File name with appended timestamp issue in Export Wizard.

SSH protocol error issue. May 20 Navicat Premium Windows version Generated object SQL identifier without escaping quote characters in Model. Unable to load the virtual group settings file created by old versions of Navicat. After sorted a selected column in Table Viewer, access violation occurred when resizing column width.

Apr 20 Navicat Premium Windows version Improvements: Reset the field length to default value after changing the auto guessed field type in Table Designer. Mar 12 Navicat Premium Windows version Improvements: Improved the Message Log information. Unable to identify equality of trigger definitions with different system line breaks in Structure Synchronization. Unable to convert object names in Data Transfer when using Schedule.

Jan 20 Navicat Premium Windows version Support double-click to open SQLite database file. Bug Fixes: Unable to run in Windows Server Fixed the color issue in the connection tree. Exception error occurred while running synchronize to database for SQLite tables with different number of source and target relations in Data Modeling Tool.

Unable to add new computed column to an existing SQL Server table which already have computed columns in Table Designer. Dec 2 Navicat Premium Windows version Error counting in Data Transfer’s Message Log changed from records to records and objects. Access Violation error occurred when exporting single column to Word. Duplicated foreign key names issue in Model. Import Wizard was unable to import currency data from DBF files. Advanced settings were saved incorrectly in Data Transfer profiles.

Sep 18 Navicat Premium Windows version Bug Fixes: Synchronized Navicat Cloud model files even they did not have any changes. Added Open with External Editor feature for Query. Added press and hold Alt key and double-click table to open Table Design. Unable to select foreign key for new table in Table Design. Export PostgreSQL query issue. Sep 1 Navicat Premium Windows version Oracle unicode characters in Export handled incorrectly. Data started with single quote issue in exported Excel file.

Aug 25 Navicat Premium Windows version New Features: Support to sync selected connection settings, queries, model files and virtual group information to Navicat Cloud. For more information, please visit here. Support SQLite 3. Support parameter in Report command line. Support adding shapes in Model. May 21 Navicat Premium Windows version Query profile now support to show in server level. Database properties for SQL Server not able to alter proper compatibility levels.

Crashed when loading and parsing a long incorrect syntax SQL in Query. Import Paradox not able to import data properly in Navicat 64bits. ORA invalid character error occured when exporting Oracle query results. Backup not able to backup MySQL table with foreign key. Feb 25 Navicat Premium Windows version All records are now able to show under the Fixed Width window in step 3 of Import Wizard. Connection was deleted after renamed to capitalized name. Bug Fixes: Lose focus in Table Viewer.

Function parser error. Access Violation error occurred when designing MariaDB tables with foreign keys. Access Violation error occurred when importing invalid connections. ERegistry Exception error occurred when starting Navicat. Oracle reconnection problem. Wrong Date Editor frame size in Table Viewer. Stack Overflow error when running Query. Permissions issue of the Updater. Cursor was missing in Stored Procedure.

Failed to create MySQL user with special characters password. Nov 8 Navicat Premium Windows version Improvements: Support of MariaDB 5. Bug Fixes: Missed to mark quotation on keywords in Query Builder. Process was unable to stop while running query in Essentials version. Failed to include auto increment column setting for floating point data types in MySQL. Failed to get the accurate fraction part of date time data for SQL Server.

Failed to scroll horizontally for wide content after applying Filter Wizard in Table Viewer. Fixed some issues on Query and Export features under Oracle level. Aug 7 Navicat Premium Windows version Access violation occured while copying and pasting field in Table Designer.

No respond from Filter Wizard in Table Viewer after execution error of filter query. Failed to replace text with an empty string using the Find and Replace feature. Fixed the scrolling issue in docking window on secondary display.

Failed to display unicode user name and organization in Navicat About box. Jul 3 Navicat Premium Windows version Column width not able to be reset after showing the hidden column in Table Viewer. Query message in status bar not updated if no result return after Run. Fixed issues on cross transfer. May 27 Navicat Premium Windows version Access violation occured while running report in command line. Losing searched position in Memo editor after first searching or clicked into the Memo editor.

Fixed query parser error. Invalid relation cardinality not showed in red color in Data Modeling Tool. May 9 Navicat Premium Windows version Notification email not sent with an unsaved batch job. SQLite query result table not able to update while having zero and padding integer.

Apr 30 Navicat Premium Windows version Feb 4 Navicat Premium Windows version The current value of PostgreSQL Sequence object was unable to synchronize properly and returned incorrect nextval value in Structure Synchronization. Improvements: Support fractional seconds precision of time, datetime, timestamp data types for MySQL 5. Support fractional seconds precision of time, datetime, timestamp data types for MySQL 5. Synchronize to Database function in Data Modeling Tool genarated incorrect comparison result for equivalent source and target foreign keys.

When “Run multiple queries in each execution” option is checked for SQL Server, character data was unable to import correctly in Import Wizard. Sep 19 Navicat Premium Windows version Wrong time unit ms was shown under Messages tab in Query function.

Table Designer in Data Modeling Tool was unable to save newly added index and foreign key. Aug 23 Navicat Premium Windows version Jul 27 Navicat Premium Windows version Bug Fixes: Minimized docked window could not restore normally. Jul 19 Navicat Premium Windows version Jul 6 Navicat Premium Windows version Empty string was identified as Null in SQLite.

Build model with multiple schemas. New wizard “Import from Database”. New wizard “Synchronize to Database”. Search filter. Bug Fixes: Data truncated when exporting pdf file from Report Builder. Navicat got hanged while performing a search in Table Viewer. Incorrect excel file format was exported while having data started with 0 in Export Wizard. Auto-increment info was missing while preforming cross data transfer. Jan 31 Navicat Premium Windows version Import speed has been improved in Import Wizard.

Export speed has been improved in Export Wizard. Bug Fixes: ‘column d. Navicat generated ‘Not Implemented’ error when running under replacement shell UI.

Jan 4 Navicat Premium Windows version Not able to open schema for databases with non-default database collation in SQL Server Oracle long Number could not shown in Table Designer. Crash occurred when closing Synchronize to Database in Modeler during the comparison in progress.

Crash occurred while renaming table failed with server error in ER-diagram view. Data Transfer would hang in Navicat Scheduler. Nov 24 Navicat Premium Windows version Nov 14 Navicat Premium Windows version Fixed-width and row delimiter were unable to retrieve from a profile in Import Wizard. Structure Synchronization produced invalid pointer exception error when comparing SQL Server stored procedures.

Non-latin characters with different collation columns in MySQL table were unable to search in “Find in Database” feature. Print report to PDF file would generate a blank file.

Oct 17 Navicat Premium Windows version Support table comment up to characters for MySQL 5. Bug Fixes: Data Modeling Tool was unable to set the reference field of foreign key. Data Modeling Tool was unable to print with landscape page setting. When importing data from an URL, it failed to create a temporary file if the same temporary file was being accessed.

Restore didn’t work with the. Connection Information could not display properly in large font size. Foreign Keys is now able to be imported into Model. Spacing issue has been improved in Beautify SQL. Import from paradox file was unable to get signed short integer values. User Privileges typo was fixed. Sep 12 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

Bug Fixes: The highlighted items from the previous searching results in Table Designer was failed to clear for the next searching. MySQL foreign key was unable to be created in Table Designer when referencing a destination field requiring index. Restored bytea data in PostgreSQL was failed. Sep 6 Navicat Premium Windows version ER Diagram view.

SQL Minifier. Database Wide Search. Added object list in Query Editor. Jun 1 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Bug Fixes: Wrong table would be copied while running “Duplicate Table” function. Foreign Key Check box under Table Designer was unable to be toggled using space bar. Searching in Table Viewer would freeze when no record showed on the existing view.

Apr 11 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Bug Fixes: Scroll bar in Trigger Definition editor was missing. Object List frozen. The size of the width in Run Result columns were too large in Stored Procedure form. Connection combo box showed wrongly in Data Synchronization. SQL Server permission denied on object ‘sysproperties’. Import Wizard was unable to import SQL Server string data to varchar, varchar max , text field properly. Feb 21 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

Navicat was unable to list function which returning table of PostgreSQL 9. Table with Oracle object array was unable to be opened in Table Viewer. Imported text-based file with UTF-8 encoded data to blob field incorrectly.

Failed to run multiple Data Synchronization at the same time. Table with identity fields was not working correctly in Data Synchronization. Jan 17 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Improvements: Improved sorting order in Connection Tree and Object list. MySQL Table Designer was unable to insert a field as first since Navicat modifies the second field to reference the not yet inserted field.

Jan 12 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Improvements: Improved the compatibility of third party plugin eg. Ultramon, Hardcopy etc. SQL Server export view profile did not show in list. Multiple files with files delimited as ‘ ‘ were unable to be recognized during Import Wizard.

Dec 28 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. DBF character field length would be set to if table field length is 0 while exporting to DBF file. Tree node was unable to be highlighted when Connection Coloring feature was applied under Windows XP.

Dec 14 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Bug Fixes: Any SQLite unique constraints set at a column level were lost if a previously created table was opened. When adding fields in a table with SQLite foreign key constraint in Table Designer, the reference table field would be renamed. Code Completion did not work properly with field name if tables were from different database. Exported data string to Excel file did not work properly, e. Structure Synchronization showed wrong compare option caption after changing connection to different kinds of database.

Fixed no permission returned when getting row count of SQL Server table. Nov 30 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Nov 25 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. New Privilege Manager. Data Synchronization performance improved with new engine. Connection Coloring. Oct 4 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

SQLite Foreign Key did not work properly. Result form showed in Query Editor would be closed after a new query was run. Sep 15 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. SQLite indexes were unable to be removed in Table Designer. In Structure Synchronization, when the queries generated in the “Queries for Modification” list were too long e. Error occurred for Oracle and PostgreSQL server when primary key constraint name in source table conflicted with the unique index which was created as the same name as the primary key in Structure Synchronization.

Field names for some tables with special names were unable to be listed in Report Builder. Aug 30 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Improvements: Horizontal scrollbar is now reset to the left position after applying Beautify SQL feature. Aug 2 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

When exporting numeric data with comma as decimal seperator to access file, the numbers were displayed without the comma. Failed to transfer database objects to different server type when transfering to sql file in Data Transfer.

When exporting numeric data to excel file, it would be exported as string type. Jul 15 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Fixed “mysql. Foreign Key link position in Visual Builder were not accurate enough. Server Monitor would crash if being opened for a while. Jun 23 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Beautify SQL would cause error if extra spaces existed in aggregate function. Fixed error when importig XML files from the Interent. When exported data to Excel spreadsheet, string start with zero e.

Jun 8 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Each SQLite field was limited to bytes. Tab order in Import Wizard was set up incorrectly. May 31 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. In Navicat main, copying action would not work properly after certain user actions.

When adding new field and tabbing across cloumns in Table Designer, bule hash would appear at the end of the columns. When tabbing betweem columns in Table Deisgner, some columns would be skipped. Beautify SQL feature did not compatible with Navicat Query Parameter syntax, so that error would occur when running the parameter query. May 17 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

Improved smart quote identifier for SQLite. Improved virtual grouping rename issue – e. Bug Fixes: Access Violation error occured when exporting chart report to excel file.

May 10 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Support Cancel action in copying SQLite objects, table and query. The font size used in Query grid was smaller than in View grid. Fixed the wrong positioning issue of main menu items. May 3 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

Improvements: Improved the performance for opening Table Viewer with huge amount of columns. Bug Fixes: When selecting a particular entry in an enum select box by typing the first letters of the item, the wrong value would be saved if confirmed the changes using the check mark. When applied “Auto save” function, recover window would not launched if multiple Navicat instances started.

When trying to determine if the dataset were editable in Query, error would occur if user contained privilege on View, but did not have select privilege for Table.

Apr 26 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Improvements: Better handle case sensitive of object identifier for Query Builder.

Support “select Attached hot keys to the navigation bar in Table Viewer. In Oracle Code Outline, supports parameter as node for simple view. Toolbar would blink when toggling taskbar auto hide option. Oracle debugger window could not be closed when debug running error occured. When sweithed between Query Builder ad Query Editor, “;” would be inserted into the middle of the statement. Apr 12 Navicat for Premium Windows version 9. Code Folding. Parameter Tips.

SQL Beautifier. Object Filter. Individual database objects backup. Unicode Character Report. Auto save in Query, Function etc. Custom sort in Tabler Viewer. Significant Improvements made in editor and data grid searching. History Log Viewer. Feb 24 Navicat Premium Windows version 8.

Word Wrap status did not save in the Query Editor. Error dialog occured when selecting target connection in Data Transfer. Jan 19 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Bug Fixes: Restore function could not work properly.

Insert Field did not work in Table Designer. Jan 12 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Nov 18 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Improvements: In step 6 of Import Wizard, Source field name would be truncated if longer than characters. Now, Navicat supports up to field name characters. Refresh did not work for getting update data.

When import text-based file using Import Wizard, Navicat was unable to get the number of columns correctly if the file did not contain field name row or there were empty lines existed before first data row. Oct 28 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Failed to establish SSH connection when the private key path contained unicode. When a table contained some long field names, those field names were only partialy visible or even invisible in Form View. Oct 5 Navicat Premium Windows version 8.

Sep 25 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Improvements: “Exceed package size PostgreSQL “bytea” data type will now being exported as E’ Bug Fixes: “Property cannot be found” error occured when importing Access file with datatype that may involve decimal places info, e. SQL statements exported from Export Wizard was exported incorrectly.

The last field in the table would be disappeared. Sep 3 Navicat Premium Window version 8. Date field was not converted correctly when exported to DBF file. Docked windows could not show in task bar under Windows 7.

Email attachment in Schedule could not be sent if “Add timestamp” option was enabled in Export Wizard. Aug 11 Navicat Premium Window version 8. Improve suggestion on target data type and provide a default precision and scale information in Import Wizard. Support export to clipboard. When docking a console window to main window, the wheel of mouse would be no effect. Month calendar Could not fully display in some system.

Jul 22 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. When exported data to MS Access, month and day values were mixed up. Slow problem while transfering data from command line. Access Violation error happened when creating new table with index. Fixed SQL parsing problem for Oracle version. Index, constraint and trigger could not be renamed in Table Designer. Jul 13 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. If table names stated with number e. When applied docking feature under Windows 7, “System Error.

Code: The parameter is incorrect” occured. Fixed “Select” statement with empty string in Query Editor resulted in Access violation. Jul 9 Navicat Premium Windows version 8.

Improved dual monitor system support. Report files are now able to copy to other dataabses. When closed the Restore dialog after restored, Access violation occured. User-defined schema would not show in Structure Synchronization.

After saved the query in Query Editor, the cursor returned to the beginning of the script. When deleted multi-cell in Table Viewer, Navicat would hang. Jul 2 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Fixed the column width not saved in Query Result tab. When exporting tables with choosing “None” for Field delimiter into Text file, it now not add 0 null character as delimiter. SSH connection did not work properly. Last Character would be chopped when exported data using Export Wizard.

Jun 26 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Enhancement: Ability to duplicate connection. Bug Fixes: Fixed while changing value in table grid view given ” – Unknown column ” in ‘field list'” error message using MySQL server version 4. Jun 25 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Bug Fixes: Fixed access violation issue while reorganizing Join table for a saved query. Fixed “Duplicate Field” function in Table Designer, given “unknown column Fixed access violation issue during backup process.

Jun 22 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Support all subobjects: fields, indices, foreign keys and triggers. Support of partitioning. Latest Oracle versions support Support Oracle version 8. Support all subobjects: fields, indices, foreign keys, uniques, checks and triggers.

Managing directories, tablespaces, public database links and public synonyms. Managing database links, indices, java, materialized views, materialized view logs, packages, sequences, synonyms, triggers, types, XML Schema and Recycle Bin. Support of physical attributes. Support all PostgreSQL objects: tables, views and functions. Support all subobjects: fields, indices, foreign keys, uniques, checks, rules and triggers. Managing tablespace, cast and languages. Managing aggregates, conversions, domains, trigger functions, operators and classes, sequences and types.

Support of character set and Unicode. This application launched with a great deal of a numbers of new functions and also with the brand new software in order to get over the issues of the consumer. A having a significant mechanism with colored tabbed and aero plane functionality, a searched forest, Also upgraded mouse design are all included.

Just a concentration upon that basics characterize this same currents leek and simple graphical experience. Customers have indeed been requesting bit editions of Navicat over decades, and indeed the company is already delivering them for Mobile and Desktop X. Navicat professional License key free download includes a redesigned Remote access processor. Column Editor currently includes checkbox select, The factors which affect multiple cells. When simply pressing the cursor and moving it across the matrix, users can pick a horizontal section of pixels.

Navicat 16, users could not solitary remove and moreover change and modify content in many columns at same time, that designers expect will minimize writing efficiency and greatly boost total transaction processing performance. Each relationship revolves around the concepts of consistency, protection, and dependability. Navicat Deluxe code full version seems to be a graphical user interface for the Microsoft Azure Pumping software.

The above programmer includes support across all Azure Sal Pumping methods and characteristics, The capability that could save existing configurations as characteristics for subsequent reference. Customers might most quickly generate, evaluate, and administer Microsoft Azure Compressor Operations and dumping folders.

The above latest structure integrates a program which might notify users when a significant position is released, removing any requirements for customers to stay abreast of upgrades manually. Everything just assures which user have been running the far more recent, reliable. Navicat Premium Crack seems to be well-organized application to accomplish changed folder schemes.

This application is the modern form of record organization programmer which user could practice to accomplish entire their files and attendants from unique only submission border. The package is exact controlling, however simple-to-practice and bargains countless progressive landscapes by way of duplication, information transmission, passage apparatuses, and ample extra.

That column would express user how that database would remain on their slant of imports uncertainty user are observing for instrument which could aid establish their labor improved than always earlier. Navicat Premium key remains progressive explanation for record directions.

It guises alike spaces folder traveler wherever the customer could exposed and come in some file or folder of diverse records by the equal period. Consequently, user would not once impression some modification in limited record or isolated places in that sociable border. Navicat Premium keygen allows user to duplicate or change information from unique folder to somewhat extra folder. It too maintenances duplicate and previous means such as fine grind and drip means.

Transfer above mentioned software likewise types user permit to choice the assembly user desire and quickly handover information transversely diverse folder schemes.

User might likewise broadcast entire of prevailing counters. Measures, SQL handwritings, and generates similar. Nevertheless, the above mentioned application is habitually rationalized and hundred percent employed. This application is finest folder organization instrument.


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